Monday, July 16, 2012

Openfiler 2.99 connection failed.

So here is a quick tip when you get a connection failed error when trying to use your iscsi initiator or you can't telnet to port 3250 on your Openfiler box. Check the /etc/sysconfig/iscsi-target file and make sure it contains the correct ip address. If it doesn't, change it to the correct one and restart the iscsi target service.

Hopefully this will save you a few hours of headaches.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Adding Drivers to a Boot Image

Out of the box, Windows PE includes drivers for a wide range of different hardware specifications. That being said, Windows PE can't possibly include all the drivers in existence so you'll need to become familiar with injecting drivers into a SCCM 2012 boot image.

An indication that you may need to inject drivers into a boot image is a quick restart when your machine boots into PE. Please review the article Troubleshooting SCCM 2012 PXE Booting for techniques to verify you are indeed having driver issues. A good rule of thumb is to only add drivers to a PE boot image that you need. Adding unnecessary drivers results in slower boot times and can make driver management a nightmare.

To add custom drivers to a boot image, right click Drivers under Software Library -> Operating Systems and choose import driver. Next, follow the wizard... Don't import the driver into the boot image. This option will add all the drivers you just selected to the boot image. We only want to add specific drivers which we will do later.

After the wizard is complete you need to manually add the required network and storage drivers into the boot image. Only add network and storage drivers that are required to boot PE in order to keep the image as slim as possible. To add the drivers into the boot image, go to Software Library -> Boot Images and right click the x86 image. In most environments, there is no need to modify the x64 boot image as x86 can deploy both x86 and x64 images.

Click the yellow check box and add the troublesome drivers and apply the changes. Don't forget to update your distribution points!